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The powerful patient engagement and marketing
automation tool for healthcare practitioners in Africa.

About Patient Experience

OneMed Pro's Patient Experience System is a patient engagement and marketing automation tool that helps medical facilities reach more patients across Africa. You can scale up your marketing efforts and optimize patient engagement & customer service before, during and after consultations to ensure your patients return and refer you to their friends and family. OneMed Pro's Patient Experience System is currently only available in Kenya. We are creating integrations for more countries. Contact us to find out more.

Why Measure Patient Satisfaction?

Improve service Improve your services based on real-time data
Value & respect To show your concern in providing top-tier healthcare.
Professionalism To show your patients that you value & respect their opinions.
Increase revenue To increase your practice's revenue.

Our solution offers

Patient Engagement

Connect with all your patients across Africa. Stay in touch with your existing and potential patients with bulk and targeted rule-based SMS messages and emails.

Keep your patients in the know about new services, offers and events.

Easily create and schedule or immediately send SMS messages or emails to any patient, anywhere in Africa.

Patient engagement
Patient Experience

Follow up with your patients with minimal effort. Create, automate and schedule get-well-soon, happy birthday or appointment reminder message for all your patients within any time frame, after their last appointment.

Collect real-time patient sentiment. Send simple, but powerful automated messages asking your patients for their feedback on their experience with you.

Track all statistics through your analytics dashboard and easily export the data to an excel sheet for easy review.

Patient engagement

Why Subscribe To MHA Patient Experience

Booking & Scheduling Set and forget your patient communication. Automate your patient outreach & save time.
Electronic Patient Records Get an all-in-one patient engagement & communication system.
Digitized Reports Easily send personalized announcements to all your patients in seconds.
Referral Networks Scale up your marketing efforts. Run Email & SMS campaigns for your practice.
e-Prescriptions Improve patient engagement. Recognize milestones with a quick automated SMS/Email.
Security Improve patient experience. Follow up with your patients to show them that they matter.
Reach More Patients Across Africa
With our all-in-one Patient Experience System, you will be able to convert walk-ins into loyal patients & existing patients into advocates.

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