Booking and scheduling

OneMed Pro’s booking and scheduling system is a comprehensive patient booking management system. It makes managing, booking and scheduling appointments easy for both healthcare practitioners and patients. Easily manage all your bookings and provide a great booking experience by making appointments available online at any time.

Why Subscribe To MHA Patient Experience

reason iconMaximise on availability

OMP booking & scheduling system manages all appointments easily. It is cloud-based & accessible on any device, any location and at anytime, so you will never lose track of your appointments again.

reason iconReduce no shows

The system is integrated with automated patient confirmations & reminders via WhatsApp/SMS/Email to help reduce no-shows. Studies show that automated confirmations & reminder notifications can help reduce no-shows by up to 36%.

reason iconIncrease revenue

OMP scheduling system gives you the ability to utilize every minute. Through its inbuilt patient oriented tools, you are able to give your patients a modern clinic experience, thus converting them to loyal patients, as well as get more referrals to help increase your revenues.

reason iconTrack your records

OMP enables you to keep your patients’ records safe, secure, accurate and easy to find. It helps save you time since all records are readily available by a click of a button. All records are backed up and stored encrypted, so there is never unauthorized access.

reason iconIntergrate your unified booking calendar site

Allow all your patients to easily book appointments 24/7 on your website. Allow patients to select their preferred day and time, and make a booking when you have availability.

reason iconPatient safety

Ensure the safety of your patients. Space out when your patients visit your medical facility. Allowing advanced appointment bookings reduces patient’s exposure to covid-19 in waiting rooms, while waiting to see you.

Do more with OneMed Pro

OMP scheduling system offers you a responsive calendar that allows you to set the time slots and days when you are available. You can block off specific time slots or entire days when you are not available for appointments.

Once a patient books an appointment with you, they will receive an automatic confirmation message and subsequent reminders via SMS/WhatsApp and Email to help minimize no-shows.

You can easily reschedule appointments with a click of a button and your patients will get instantly notified, and so much more.


MHA has helped me to digitize and grow my practice thus save on time and resources. I particularly like patient records where I can view patients history with just a click of a button.

DR. Edison Mwarozi
Senior consultant pediatrician
More features on Onemed Pro
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Set your availability for patients to make a booking with your medical facility.

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After booking, you and your patients will receive a confirmation via SMS/WhatsApp and Email.

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Before their appointment, patients will receive a reminder via SMS/WhatsApp and Email.

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Happy patients

OMP system is equipped with patient-oriented tools to enable you and your patients to have the best experience.

Our solution offers

patient engagement

Patient Experience

Follow up with your patients with minimal effort. Create, automate and schedule get-well-soon, happy birthday or appointment reminder message for all your patients within any time frame, after their last appointment.

Collect real-time patient sentiment. Send simple, but powerful automated messages asking your patients for their feedback on their experience with you.

Track all statistics through your analytics dashboard and easily export the data to an excel sheet for easy review.

Reach More Patients Across Africa

With our all-in-one Patient Experience System, you will be able to convert walk-ins into loyal patients & existing patients into advocates.