Grow Your Medical Practice with MHA OneMed Pro Medical Management System

The MHA OneMed Pro Medical Management System is an effective management solution for Healthcare Professionals and Medical Facilities across Africa.
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How Adopting Digital Health Can Transform Your Practice


Online video consultation Millennials prefer online video consultation to in-person appointments (GlobalMed).


Offer e-Prescription Adopting e-Prescription can increase the accuracy of prescriptions.


Patient no-shows Reduction in patients not showing up for their doctors' appointments with automated confirmation and reminders.

Manage Your Medical Practice with MHA OneMed Pro System

Booking & Scheduling Streamline your medical practice by automating day-to-day tasks from patients' bookings to appointment scheduling.
Electronic Patient Records Keep accurate, secure and easy to find patient files which are backed up and encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.
Digitized Reports View and easily export comprehensive financial and practice reports to measure the practice's success and financial performance.
Referral Networks Enhance the patient experience by referring patients and getting referrals from other medical professionals within your OMP network.
e-Prescriptions A convenient way to send prescriptions to patients via SMS and email.
Security Enhance the privacy and security of your patients' records with high levels of encryption and anonymization.

Improve Your Patients Experience

Patient texting doctor on mobile phone.
Patient/Doctor Chat Offer patient satisfaction by providing comprehensive online medical consultation.
Doctor having an online video consultation with a patient.
Online Video Consultation Provide your patients with instant medical consultation.

Get Started With MHA OneMed Pro

OneMed Pro
Grow your medical practice: Suited for individual healthcare professionals and medical facilities.
OneMed Pro Enterprise
Run your core operations seamlessly: Customized and personalized for individual healthcare professionals and medical facilities.

How OneMed Pro Helps You

  • Save Money and Time Conveniently manage your medical practice and improve your patient's experience with automated tools.
  • Offer Video Consultation Provide your patients with online video consultation anytime.
  • Increase Patient Engagement and Satisfaction Provide exceptional patient experience by engaging with your patients and keeping them informed through bulk and automated/scheduled SMS and emails.
  • Get More Referrals and Increase Your Revenue Refer patients and get referrals from other medical professionals, and increase your revenue.
  • Easily Access Medical Reports Conveniently access your patients' medical records anytime, anywhere on a device with a secure login and easily share with other medical professionals in the facility.
  • Get Fully Integrated Booking Calendar Maximize your online presence and get real-time bookings by integrating a booking calendar on your website.

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